Pendants are Back!

As many of you know, I truly enjoy working with Glass! To be able to work any time of day or night is an optimal experience for me.  I recently set up a new studio and am now able to work on my Glass Pendants more often. So many of my Clients have purchased the Pendants and have expressed interest in seeing them come back.  These little Glass Pendants represent the ways I would like to honor nature, culture and humanity.  Among the many forms that you will see are; Goddesses (feminine form), Birds, Trees, Aztec symbols, Celtic symbols, Waves, Mountains, Clouds and of course Peace signs and Life Cycle forms.  To create great art, an Artist must create from their essence.  I do hope that you enjoy the Pendant that I will be offering for sale in the coming months on the website, at my local shows and in a few selected retail shops in the area. Thank you for you continued support!