About Muse Art Glass

I am a Seeker of Intrinsic Substance. Working with molten glass and the elements, I have found my Life's Passion. The Alchemy of Glass holds unlimited possibilities and working with it, stokes the fire of my imagination as well as unending reach for perfecting my Craft as a Glass Blower. Each and Every One of my Glass creation is Unique and never duplicated. I begin with a clear vision of the piece then begins the lengthy process of applying layers of molten and colored glass frit. The viscose nature of blown glass lends to the fluidity of each creation.  My creations in glass are inspired primarily by nature and the world around us; the ocean, the mountains, the atmosphere and wildlife.  My hopes are that when you have my work in your home, you will be inspired in your daily life by the color, form and usefulness of my Art Glass.