New Year and the Expansion!

Happiest of New Year to one and all!  

And so, I begin the year with an exceptionally focused heart and mind.  Knowing the depth of the previous years and what they have brought and left with, I am renewed in knowing the cycles of life and the lessons they bring.  Moved to create with all encompassed scope on my creativity, I have begun the new year with a different type of energy, more direct than ever before.  I will add to my collections a series of work that is accompanied with a single prose written by yours truly.  The work I do comes from within and I found that I would like to share my thought process with the client.  The work will have a slip of parchment included in the vase.  It will be handwritten and only be available after the purchase of the piece.  These writings are personal to the glass creation it was partnered with.  I hope that you find this to be an interesting endeavor and shared experience.  Many Blessings into the New Year!