Graduations 2022

As I enter into my Summer Art Show months, I begin to understand how I am like many at this time of year, in a time of evolution and graduation.  Age is irrelevant in this case of "life cycle" I feel very much like the elementary school student graduating to the higher echelon of high school, or the high school student that will enter college, the sensations are still the same a sense of wonder and excitement to share what I have learned and to expand into the unknown.  I have spent many years working toward perfecting my skills as a Glass Artist, and as I will most likely forever be in this process of perfecting, I do feel as though I have accomplished most in the last few years, with opportunities to work with Master Glass Artist as well as an increase in my confidence with my own creative flow.  I will open the summer with some new work which include sculpture and a few new wall installations.  Bound to one's true essence for inspiration in Creating has always been what  I believe is true north for a successful and happy Artist.  In keeping with that, most of my new work is Divinity based and speaks to the world of Botany and the Sea. I do hope that you will enjoy the new work and find it thought-provoking and inspirational.  Be Well and in Peace, Mary Ann