Emergence of Fall Season

Thank you for stopping in and checking out the website.  A few new pieces are available, with more to come!  After finishing the Summer show and reveling in all the exceptional energy exchanges that blessed my days, I am back to the serious work of creating more joyful Art Glass.  

My next few Months will be filled with interesting and challenging Commissions and projects! Meeting great people that became collectors and new friends. I have my docket full to create.

  It is my goal to pay particular attention to my faithful clients. Therefore, By the end of the week, More than half of my current inventory will be available for purchase, online.  

I attempt to provide you with photos that depict the true presence of each individual creation.  This is most important this season, after closing out the Summer show, the creative flow that propelled me, carried over in a very interesting way; I have decided to branch out and create "Singles". Singles will be a "one-off", only one piece will be created, meaning no series groupings.  These next pieces of art, have a very powerful presence because they are created solely for the color combination.  Some of the colors are going to be so dramatic and that. in and of itself will be the delivery. 

I will, however take liberty to create a series. If I find it. too beautiful a creation to just leave to a "One".or a "Single". 

Well, I hope that you enjoy the vision that has risen from the depths of my glassy mind! Love and Light, Peace and Joy, Mary Ann

The website is going to be more colorful, than ever before!