Autumn to Winter

The seasons are changing and the chill in the air is evident after sunset in our sleepy little town of Laguna. What this means to you as a Client of mine is the colors that you can look forward to seeing at the Winter Show.  I build my inventory of Art Glass during the off season in order to prepare for the upcoming Local Art Shows.  

As an Artist so much of what I create is influenced by what my daily personal experiences are. The color of the leaves on the trees, the color of the Sunrise and Sunset, and perhaps the after glow of the canyon hillside.  Consistently, this is my path of creation, It has been since day one of my Glass Blowing Career.  

This year, you will see Sky Blue with Vibrant Orange, Very rustic Ambers with flecks of gold and silver and Deep Greens with Copper Vines.  I hope that you find a special work of Art in my Booth this coming Winter Season.  Until then, I hope you are enjoying the Fall and Winter Season! Mary Ann